Winly App FAQ

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Can I use Winly to create my Business Plan?

Yes. Every Business Plan should include a Strategy & Implementation section. The 12 Winly Playbooks can be leveraged to build your strategic analysis, plan and activities. It’s also a best business practice to update and refine your strategy section at least once per quarter. Winly Playbooks will inspire critical thinking as you turn your plan into a useful guide to grow.

Is Winly most effective for a business type or size?

We’re hearing success stories from a diverse group of businesses. Winly users are sharing the universal benefit of getting into a strategic mindset and focusing on areas like expansion, partnerships, customers, capital and innovation.

What’s Next for Winly?

Winly is going to the next level and is listening to what entrepreneurs and business owners are asking for. Currently, Winly is rolling out a new design to optimize the user experience and raising capital to add features that enable sharing. An Android rollout is also in the works. We hear you!

Which Playbook should I begin with? How do I choose?

The Winly experience is a personal reflective one where you are the business driver. We’re finding that most business owners and entrepreneurs are being strategic but are not organizing their strategy. We recommend you start with a Playbook you are already working in so you can familiarize yourself with keeping track and updating the status of your Plays.

Is Winly available on iPhone only?

Winly can be downloaded on all Apple IOS devices (iPad, Mac, iPhone).


The Founder created the Winly methodology inspired by her journey as a global deal lawyer, small business strategy consultant and daughter of business owners. Advising businesses during the eye of the storm of the financial crisis was instrumental in developing the Winly framework. Winly answers the question of “How do I grow my business with a dollar and a dream?” Winly trains us to be resourceful, collaborative and growth-centric. Winly was designed to trigger aha moments that lead you to actions beyond your to-do list. It’s about your to-grow list!


Innovation & Creativity

We believe in the genius of invention and the choice to reinvent and restructure. New paradigms and technology advancements require businesses to constantly adapt and adjust. It’s our business to introduce new ideas and processes to your business.

Effective Collaboration

Collaboration and teamwork throughout your business is essential in delivering the best product or service to your customer. Company culture drives the channels of communication within your business. We will work with your team to maximize the aspects of your culture that lead to greater quality, productivity and efficiency.


We are eternal optimists and believe that positive energy combined with experience and expertise can inspire leadership and leaders in your company. Our workshops and trainings can be a breath of fresh air in times of doubt and cloudiness. Solutions and strategic plans are inspired by clarity of thought and an open mind. We motivate, energize and direct goal-oriented behavior.

Intelligent Growth

How you grow your business is important. Expansion efforts require a plan for implementation and sustainability. Let us organize your growth and focus on the details of your next steps.

Execution & Impact

Our service is impact and execution driven. We will work closely with you to achieve your business goals while laying the foundation for our work to reverberate throughout your company. We value high performance and measurable results.

Business Development

We will work closely with your company’s key leaders to:

  • Identify, generate and develop new business opportunities
  • Create a strategic plan, perform due diligence, deal structuring and negotiation
  • Provide strategic support for M&A activity
  • Build, maximize and manage strategic relationships and alliances
  • Leverage existing resources for a greater return
  • Raise capital necessary to fund business expansion and growth

Client Development

We will be your partner in the following client generating initiatives:

  • Strategic and creative marketing and sales plans
  • Branding and business image enhancement
  • Community awareness campaigns
  • Penetrating existing markets and identifying new marketing segments
  • Clients pitches and presentations
  • Event planning and execution

Market Development & Penetration

We will drive and build markets in the following ways:

  • Research and analyze areas of the marketplace that are underdeveloped and communities that are underserved
  • Identify target markets, segments and niches
  • Design communication and methods to generate market activity

Synergy Business Development bridges concepts with results by working with management to optimize resources and services to reach business goals.

Our task is to be your partner as you grow in the marketplace. We build partnerships, create opportunities and close deals that add value to your business and your mission.